Communion in Small Groups – More than a Good Idea

The Bible says very little about how we are actually to go about observing communion, yet most Christians have strong preferences, if not convictions, about how to do it. I want to expand your thinking in one area — observing communion regularly in your small group. As we will see, this is more than just a good idea.

Personal Goals and Stewardship (Vision 2023, Part 2)

Last week was 2023 Church Vision and Goals, and yesterday was Vision 2023 Part 2 – Personal Goals and Stewardship. Here is the extremely helpful & insightful tool I promised to share: All of our elders’ personal 2023 goals and some of our staff’s personal goals for 2023: I hope these will inspire confidence inContinue reading “Personal Goals and Stewardship (Vision 2023, Part 2)”

CG’s 2023 Vision and Goals

Sunday, January 8, began a two-part vision series, “All-In for Jesus,” with part 1 – Church Vision and Goals. This post contains our official 2023 Church Goals document and other highlights. Next week’s focus will be on Personal Goals and Stewardship. At the end of the Momentum Youth Conference last year, one of the speakersContinue reading “CG’s 2023 Vision and Goals”